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[sticky post] RP Character Lists and Stuff

So I've been RPing a lot lately. And several folks have asked for a full list of who/what I RP.  I figured it was time to come up with a list.  One note on play; I'm happy to do Gen, but when it comes to pairings I AM an evil slasher.  You might be able to talk to me into a het pairing but it's pretty much a given that I want to put the lovely boys together.

Attack on Titan (anime, I haven't read the manga yet)
Eren Yeager (uke)
Irvin Smith (seme)
Armin Arlert (uke)
Jean Kirschtein (seme)

Batman (Comics....sorta, Headcanon, MANY AUs)
Bruce Wayne/Batman (Dom)
Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood (Dom...mostly)
Cassandra Cain/Batgirl/Blackbat (non sexual RPs at this point)
Tim Drake/Robin III/Red Robin (sub)
Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing (switch)
Oracle!Babs.  Pre-Oracle Batgirl I could try, but the reboot Batgirl I will not touch! (non-sexual at this point)

Bleach (Anime, Manga, assorted AUs)
Ichigo Kurosaki (Seke trending Uke, espcially for Grimmjow)
Grimmjow Jaeggerjacks (Seme!!!!!!)
Shirosaki OgihcI (AKA Ichigo's Hollow) (Seme....mostly, maybe)
Renji Abarai (Seke)
Kisuke Urahara (Seme)
I could try my hand at Kensei, Shuuhei and Shinji if someone was interested

Free! (Anime)
Haruka Nanase
Makoto Tachibana
Nagisa Hazuki
Rei Ryugazaki
Rin Matsuoka

Fullmetal Alchemist (2003, Brotherhood, Manga, Headcanon, AUs)
Roy Mustang (Kinky Seme!)
Alphonse Elric (Spunky Uke)
Jean Havoc (Uke)
Maes Hughes (Seme)
Edward Elric (Maybe, talk to me)
Scar (Maybe, talk to me)
I play Riza Hawkeye, Winrey Rockbell and Gracia Hughes as supporting cast as the boys need the girl to kick their asses into gear when they are being stupid!

Gundam Wing (anime, AUs)
Duo Maxwell (Seke)
Heero Yuy (Seme)
I'm willing to try my hand at other characters, but those two are the one's have experience writing/playing.

OCs (These characters have their own world and settings but they could be adjusted for the sake of RP)
Tatakai Kanashini (Seme...unless a job requires otherwise) -- An assassin with a seriously fucked up head.  He had a rough life (to put it mildly) and ended up forcibly inducted into the brutal assassin training program of a crime family at age 8.  He was passed around to a number of Masters, eventually coming under the tutelage of Head Assassin Cho.  In the name of making the perfect living weapon, Cho used abhorrent means to make Kai psychologically, emotionally and physically dependent on him.  But when Cho is killed things got....messy. (World: modern-ish)

Tahli (Seke, trending Uke) -- A human on a space station, he helps to support his family by working odd jobs and sometimes taking cargo runs to nearby planets.  On one such run, he finds himself abducted by a sentient space craft that needs his help to rescue the craft's pilot.  And that's just the beginning.  In thanks the pilot's people allow Tahli a rare visit to one of the Facilities as the human visits with his new friend.  When Tahli accidentally makes contact with one the alien systems, things get....complicated.  And rather exciting. (World: Sci-Fi universe with intergalactic travel)

Tsukiyo (Uke all the way!) -- A bespelled human, Tsu is a Stone Concubine.  They are specially bred creatures meant as pets for the wealthy nobility.  At birth, a magical stone is grafted into the chest allowing the future concubine to heal all but mortal wounds.  When they hit puberty the stone also allows them to change their shape / size in accordance with their master's desires.  This shape shifting ability isn't under conscious control.  Rather it's part of a very rudimentary empathic ability that can tell and react to the wants of others, specifically the one designated as their master. Tsu is a gentle being that just wants to touch and love.  But this sweety often finds himself embroiled in confusing events he's not really equipped to handle. Still, he will try. (World: High Fantasy, but Tsu could show up anywhere with a little work.)

Darshae (Gentle Seme) -- A wandering swordsman who never stays in one place long, which seems odd.  He's personable and strong, quiet by nature and unfailingly kind.  He would make a fine husband for any woman and a good protector for any village he decided to call home, but still he moves on time and again.  For all that Darshae is a gentle soul, when the large man unsheathes his sword it will be the death of all who oppose him.  Darshae takes no pleasure in killing, but he is very good at it, and word of the mighty wanderer has spread, sometimes resulting challenges to duel. (Setting: High Fantasy, possibly post-apocalyptic)

Brylle (Seme?)-- A huntsman in a post-apocalyptic verse.  Something no longer known made the planet and place of poison and mutations.  What little remains of the human race is crammed into a few Domed Cities where the technology left is barely understood.  Expect those in the cities are not the only humans.  There are people in the Wilds outside, though calling them human might be a stretch as they have been altered by the environment, making them stronger, harder and sometimes with odd mutations.  Brylle's mutation shows as light green streaks in his dark, shoulder length hair and a greenish glow to his irises when he's angry or upset.

Hallis (Wants to be Seme) -- A Gladiator that could be in Ancient Rome or some other fantasy setting.  He was born into slavery.  When his mother died (Hallis was 10) he was sold to a stable as hand.  This was a godsend to the lonely boy who found he worked well with horses.  But Hallis tried to interview.  The result was that the boy was sold to the Pits under the Arena.  Despite all odds, he managed to survive the first fight, Then the one after.  Then the one after that.  So they trained him and he learned well.

Zak Mallon (Uke who thinks he's seme) -- A Channel. The world Zak inhabits is a strange one. 3% of the population are Talents, people who can generate incredible amounts of psyonic power that can be used for different things. But these Talents require their counter part--a Channel--to avoid burning out in a messy fashion and taking a 3 block area with them. There's just one problem, only 2% of the population are Channels. And to complicate things further, to be of use, the Channel has to be a comparable or higher level the the Talent.
       The setting is slightly futuristic, but could be contemporary. There is a booming business in the hunting and selling of Channels. They are the chattel class, having no rights, destined only to be bonded to a Talent. And the usual bonding process is via repeat rapes as the Channel is psychologically broken, since an unbroken Channel could be a VERY dangerous thing (The Talents only power the Channel's ability, ie. Pyrokenitics, Empathy, Precognition, etc) So obviously, Zak is doing his very best to avoid that fate.

*******NOTE: If I'm going to play this character there HAS to be some light at the end of the tunnel.  I don't do no-win situations********

If you don't see something that interests you, just ask. And I'm always open to being introduced to new fandoms :)  For the over 18 set that are wanting to know exactly what sort of kinky RP I'm into, go HERE.

Master Fic List

Okay, in the name of keeping things order to keep things orderly, I'm making and up dating this list.  There are two Fandoms here and the fics are listed alphabetically by title, with series being listed by series or verse name.   If any of the links don't work, feel free to drop me a line so that I can get it fixed.

Please remember that C&C is love. Even when it's tough love.
Fics Under HereCollapse )

Updated: May 31st, 2013

New Fandom

So I have a new Fandom (and no, I'm not forgetting my others): MacGyver (2016).  And my OTP?   Mac and Jack of course :P  they ARE very slashable.

Anyone know of a MacGyver slash fic group?

It's been soooo long!

I don't know if anyone is still on this site.

But part of me REALLY wants to get back into ficcing and I need to make TIME for it.  So I'm back and trying to think of how to get myself back into the swing of things, other than just doing it.

Also, any idea what's up with all the russan text?  I know I don't have cyrillic langauge tags on my page. And what happened to the spellcheck function?

I miss being here on LJ; I miss the people and the fan fun. And I know that NOT being here is my own damned fault, but I'm going to try to rectify that one.  I'm also goign to try to get back into writing.  So look for drabbles. An if you have any requestions, feel free to shoot me a line :)

OC Character (RP) List

I love making OCs for RP, either in fandom settings or their own.  But now I need a way to keep track of the little buggers.  So here is the list.  I will be editing it as needed.  If you're reading this and see something you like, comment or something :)

characters adn settings under here....Collapse )


Wow. AKA I'm dissapointed

So I was asked what prompted my BDSM rant.  And I was vague in my answer because honestly, I'm not out to flame anyone.  Or shame them.  But I think I will give the specifics now because I posted my comment (after having two people look it over and help me NOT sound like a bitch) and I got a rather disappointing PM back.

The Fic in question was Strawberry Bad Boy.  And it starts HERE.  Yes, my user name over there is Aiyokusama so you can see which comment is mine.  It was Chapter 6 that got me ranting on LJ.  Anyhow I'd love to post the PM here so that people could see why I'm so disappointed, but I'm not sure of the legalities around that.  In a nutshell she apparently missed my point completely and got defensive.  Oh and of course has no intention of going back and re-writing something she posted over five years ago, never mind that I didn't suggest she do any such thing.  She also went on a tangent about rape, something I didn't mention in my comment, leading me to think she didn't actually read what I said and instead decided to get defensive.

Oh well, I tried.  Hopefully, someone reading through the comments will understand what I'm pointing out and use it in their own works.


Writing (BDSM) Rant Time!

Okay maybe in the future I'll write a full Writer's Tip for this subject but right now I just have to get this off my chest.

BDSM is a very broad category of activities that covers a lot of FUN things.  So, when a scene is written well it's a fantastic thing that should be savoured.  Especially when the vast majority of what is out there is utter CRAP!!!

Let's get something straight.  Just because your character ties someone up and uses toys does NOT make it BDSM play.

Submission (or Sadism)

That's what BDSM is.  And, as such, it's has serious psychological ramifications for those engaging in it.  There must be lot of trust inherently in such a scene.  Even in a causal setting, like a playparty where people pair off for engaging in individual scenes, proper aftercare is a MUST.  Without it, people CAN become depressed and even suicidal in extreme cases.  In less extreme cases, it causes trust issues and hard feelings, and results in people becoming VERY vanilla, since the after effects of play scares them.

Now if you write BDSM fics and are wondering what the hell aftercare is, please let me know so that I can hire some thugs to beat your ass!

Holy shit people!  Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to read an awesome scene and then the Dom just walks out?  Do you have any idea what that kind of behaviour could do to a sub's well-being?  Yes, we're talking about fictional characters on a piece of paper (or a screen as the case my be), but here is your free clue of the day: the person reading your scene is NOT fictional.  They are flesh and blood and may very well have experience with what you're describing.  So, if you describe things that leave the reader going WFT?!?!?!?! because it goes against how the reader knows things work, then you've FAILED at writing.  Rather spectacularly at that.

Sure, there are plenty of times when you want to surprise and startle the reader, but there ALWAYS has to be a reasoning behind it, preferably one that gets explained to the reader as part of the story.  If things are just left dangling with no explanation you're probably going to either lose a reader or, worse, get your ass handed to you for writing (potentially dangerous) crap.  Simply hand-waving things and assuming your reader is going to take it the way you intend is amateurish stupidity.  If you write a scene with rough sex that leaves the bottom bleeding and limping (I'll rant about the limping trope another time) and then have your top sexing him up again, and lo and behold, the bottom is orgasming, well let's just say I'm doubting your sanity.  You want to make it a crack fic?  Okay, but bloody hell, TELL your reader!  You're writing Dubcon?  Okay, but you'd better explain WHY it's only dubious and not outright rape!  You want your sub to give in to his Dom in a show of trust and submission? That's great, but the Dom had better be fucking taking CARE of the sub, rather than just tossing him aside once he gets his rocks off!

So please, THINK a little.  Take a little extra time.  And consider how to wrap things up so that the nothing is left to just dangle, unexplained and idiotic.

Now, all that said, if people want to me to write what proper aftercare IS and its psychological effects, let me know. 

Uh...wait! (Bleach Chapter 541)

I totally agree Ichigo!  And DAMN, but as dramatically as things were presented.......

Uh uh uh! Spoilers *kiss*Collapse )



*looks at Bleach 540 and gibbers incoherently*


If you don't want spoilers, run away now!
SPOILERS!!!!Collapse )

Bleach Fic: Two Sides Part 2

Title: Two Sides, Part 2
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ichigo, Shirosaki, Urahara, More
Warnings: Foul Language, Suggestive Behaviour
Rating: R
Words: 3106
Summery: It's all Miyuri's fault, but now Ichigo has to deal with his new reality

Shiro is pissed. No, he's fucking livid! How DARE Ichigo suggest he'd do something to the twins? Yes, he'd happily turn Ichigo into a bloody pulp, and those friends of his are definitely fair game. Then there is that father of his, who is practically begging to be hit. But those girls... no. Just no. Shiro wouldn't hurt them, he just wouldn't. It would be wrong for a reason he cannot name, but which he doesn't doubt in the least.

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This entry was originally posted at http://aiyokusama.dreamwidth.org/26825.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

Bleach Chapter 538

So for those who are reading, what did you think?

[Spoiler (click to open)]The Asauchis that Ichigo "chose" (or did it choose him?) is his hollow?  How does that work?  Does it mean he's now consciously accepting his hollow?

I was all set to do some fan girl squeal for Ken/Shuu but....ouch.  And why is Shuuhei still hung up on/defending Tousen?

Oh Toshiro!  You are a good kid, but really I think you're fooling yourself.  You can't stop dreaming and dreams can help give you focus.

Over all this chapter felt a bit more....superficial then all the revelations about Ichigo's past, but at the same time, it's set up multiple story lines which I will be very interested to see develop.  So, yeah, not really satisfying, but still things are moving forward and I want MORE!!!!


I sat down to write the next tip, and it got LONG. So I'm breaking it up into multiple parts. Though each part will have different examples of “problems,” the overall issue is the same: authors expecting the reader to know what they mean, without actually telling the reader what they mean.

This is probably one of the most common problems in fanfics (and even pro works): the author omits ideas, expecting the reader to mentally fill in the blanks. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's a very GOOD thing... if done correctly. After all, a reader will get bored if absolutely EVERYTHING is spelled out for them. There is a fine line between too much detail and not enough.

So let’s look at what I refer to as too much mechanical/boring detail.  This is most definitely is a bad thing. As long as you are A) avoiding purple prose and B) it's actually interesting—meaning that it adds something to the scene/story—then there really isn't too much of anything. However, if you've trespassed against either A or B (or heavens forbid, both), then yes, it really IS “too much,” and probably rather painful to read.

Here is an example of what I would call mechanical/boring detail.

Emma unpacked the straw picnic basket with care. She took out the pie, sniffing  at the aromatic filling of fresh-picked cherries—none of that tasteless canned stuff, thank you very much. Then she pulled out the baking powder biscuits, fluffy, golden, and not too crumbly. Next came the cold chicken drumsticks, from which she had carefully removed all solid fat before packing them in the basket. Finally, the bowl of colorful vegetable pasta salad rounded out the meal.

She arranged all the items on the blue-and-white checkered blanket that she had spread over the grass and carefully arranged the plastic utensils. Smiling at the picture-perfect scene she stood up and called Gregory and the kids, waving at them as she motioned for them to come and join her for lunch.

The thing about mechanical/boring detail is it often repeats some aspect (like the pulling out of things in the above example) even as it tends to be devoid of other details about the situation/setting. Now, I'm going to write the same scene but with what I consider the right amount of detail.

Emma smiled fondly as she began to unpack the picnic basket. They had all been looking forward to this little family excursion for a week and so, she'd been careful when she’d packed the intended meal. It just wouldn't do for anything to be crushed, after all.

Arranging the breaded chicken, biscuits, pasta salad and pie—cherry as the kids had requested—on the checkered blanket, she set out the plastic cutlery, oh so neatly. The young brunette shook her head, as she admitted that her minor OCD tendencies might just be coming through. She glanced up to see her husband wrestling with their two boys on the grass, a safe fifty feet away. Standing up to be sure she had their attention, she waved at Gregory and the boys, calling them over to the waiting lunch.

Now, I'm going to freely admit that what constitutes mechanical/boring detail is really an eye of the beholder thing. So take this with a grain of salt. But for myself, my rule of thumb is to start with 50/50 physical and mental detail. Yes you need to tell the reader what is happening (taking things out of the basket, being at the park, etc.) but you also need to tell the reader WHY it's happening (the family has been looking forward to the picnic, her OCD tendencies, etc.) That "why" can be a past event, an internal motivation, a reaction to something or someone else, etc. And it's the mental details that are going to move your story/characters/plot along.

What a lot of writers don't understand is that each paragraph, each interaction, each minor detail, is a chance for character growth and plot development. They unknowingly eschew this opportunity because, in their head, it's done already. They forget that a story has to LEAD their reader to the same conclusion as what's in the writer's head. But if something isn't said, then the reader can't add that to the mental image the story is supposed to be building for them.

Oh! But what about too much detail of the non-mechanical variety? Well, let's have a look at that one.

Emma carefully removes the precious pie from the basket, thankful that nothing untoward has happened to the desert she's spent last night slaving over. But, of course, pie is a desert; they'll need to have something reasonably healthy first, or so the theory goes. So she's also made those sprouted wheat baking powder biscuits earlier this morning, while the kids were still asleep. And the corn-flake breaded chicken while everyone was getting dressed for their little sojourn to the park. And, of course, making the pasta salad hadn't been much of an effort. As she considers each dish, she brings it out and places it on the checkered blanket, centring it all and  making sure that the utensils are perfectly placed. She fidgets with the spoons, needing to get their placement just right. Okay, so yes, maybe she does have some OCD tendencies, but the end result is a perfectly-made meal presented beautifully.

Standing up, the young woman brushes her unruly brunette curls from her face, as she smiles. She watches her strong husband with his glorious mane of reddish-blond hair, as he chases the gleefully squealing boys. The children—Brad, age eight and Seth, age 5—are laughing, as they run from the fearsome oink-oink-piggy... aka her husband, who is shuffling around on his hands and knees after the boys. Finally everything stops, as her youngest spots her and starts waving back enthusiastically. Then he's pulling at his dad, gesturing wildly in Emma's direction. Brad has already started running over to the picnic blanket and the waiting food.

Actually that was fun to write, hehehehe. But do you see how TOO much detail can ruin what would otherwise be an interesting description/setting/situation? Some of those details are fine, others (glorious mane of reddish-blond hair....gigglesnort!) don't add anything to anything beyond being more words. So, as I said, there is a fine line.

When I was in Grade 9, we had some local, published authors come and talk to us about writing. One of them said "the best advice I can give you: boil it down. Go through and boil down your word usage until taking out any more would ruin it and putting in any more would ruin it. Get to the essence of the story." And really that *IS* awesome advice, especially when so many seem to LOVE using purple prose. However, it seems that far too many people think this means they should do without detail all together.

Next up, Part Two: Dialogue

Bleach. Revelations. Words. SQUEE!!!!!

Oh my god!  Oh my god!  Oh my god!

The latest chapter of Bleach is out and we have answers!  But now more questions as well. And it's interesting that one oft eh biggest fan assumptions has been dispelled.  Que fanbrat meltdowns.

Seriously!  I don't want to say much if others re reading it.  But....URYU!!!!!!  Oh gods oh gods oh gods.  What the fuck?  Seriously?!  oh this is going ot be BAD.  But I'm glad Ichigo got his answers and now has his head in the game again.  But...URYU!!!!!  Gah, you know this will mean a LOT of tears!

And now I'm rambling, but seriously, go read it it.  And if you aren't reading Bleach then START!!!!!  Heh :P


So, after the last post I've decided to do a series of writing tips for fanficcers. No, this won't be about Grammar and I'm not going to tell you HOW to write.  Rather, this is going to be a series of observations based on my own experience and what I've found to work as well as some exercises you can do for yourself.  No, I don't think anyone on my Flist needs this kind of help.  This is just so that I can get my thoughts down in one place and can link to them if someone asks for ideas/advice.

We've all seen it before, a character on a TV show, in a movie or in a book is an actor.  He walks up to the director and asks "What's my motivation?"  It's happened so many times it's cliche. But it's also a very important question.  In order to write a character effectively, you need to be able to get inside their head.  To do THAT, you need to understand WHY they do what they do; this is their motivation.  And it really is an easy enough thing to understand, but frankly, far too many people barely scratch the surface, if at all.

So here is the first exercise:

1) Pick a character.  It's fine to start with one you know well and feel you understand already.
2) Really think about who they are, mentally run over their history and how it influenced their present self.
3) Try to explain that character in ONE sentence.

There is more to this exercise but I'm going to stop here and give an example.

Ai's Choice
1) Jason Todd, from Batman Comics
2) (You don't have to write this out, but just to show you what I'm expecting, and yes this is based on my head canon) Jason was born to lower class parents.  His father was a thug that was in and out of jail until he was murdered (Jason doesn't find out who Until after he becomes Robin).  His mother was a junkie and a prostitute after Willis' death.  When his mom OD'd Jason had to survive on his own, stealing and hustling to make ends.  He met Batman when he stole the tires off the Batmobile.  Bruce decides to train the boy and Jason spends more than a bit of time feeling second best as Bruce compared him to Dick.  They moved on from that, but Jason still had anger and resentment issues.  It didn't help that Bruce is about as communicative as a slug.  After a series of mis-communications and such, Jason took off on his own and the events of ADitF occurred.  Jason died.  When he came back it was in his coffin (I use this to explain his loathing of small, tight spaces).  He was a zombie for about a year before Talia and the Lazarus Pit.  When he returned to Gotham he was angry at Bruce, not only because of his daddy issues ("He took me away from you!  So why is he still breathing?!") but barbecue Talia prayed on his weakened mental state and twisted more than a few emotional knives in his head, further messing him up mentally.  A lot of crap went down and it was a long road for Jason to come to terms with his life, death, re-life and his feelings about Bruce.  He's not over his issues by a long shot, but he's matured and he's making a conscious effort to take control of those issues, rather than letting the issues control him.  He's doing his best to be his own person.
3) "Jason is angry, violent and decisive; and in some ways forced to be a loner because others don't approve of his choices, but he's not willing to give up what he this is right in the name of gaining acceptance."

Okay, so now onto the final part of the exercise.

4) Take that one sentence summary and dissect it.  Figure out WHERE those aspects are going from.  I don't mean you should write out the character's history (again) but rather, you're going to break down the emotional reactions to events of the character's history.  Again, I'll use Jason to give an example.

-Jason is angry on several levels and it goes back to his childhood, long before he met Bruce.  As much as he loved his parents, they let him down and failed to protect him.  There are abandonment issues here as well as distrust in the good of one's fellow man.  But on some level he wants to believe that things CAN be better.
-Jason is violent by the standard of social norms, though he doesn't think of himself that way.  In his mind, violence is a tool, just as talking and diplomacy is a tool.  As such it needs to be applied correctly for maximum result.  Unfortunately, it's that application which causes him problems with others.  However, it's also that application with protects and saves lives.
-Jason is a strong man in that when he makes a call he follows it through to the end, even if he knows that doing so will result in more problems for himself.  Since he knows first hand how the system fails to deal with psychos, he's going to take them out of the system by killing them and thus preventing them from hurting anyone in the future.  This decisiveness also carries over into his personal relations.  Once someone is in the category of "friend" or "family" he'll move heaven and earth to do what it takes to help them, however, he'd vehemently deny doing so if called on it, since that would make him emotionally vulnerable.
-Jason has not only Daddy issues, but Family issues.  He really WANTS to go home, to be Bruce's son again, but there are a lot emotional barriers to that; both on his end and Bruce's.  Jason's pride also plays a part.  He thinks people should accept him for who he is, not who they want him to be and so he'll often rebel against compromise, since the suggestion comes off as an attack on his self-worth.  As a result, he stays on his own and does his own thing.  He tries to convince himself it's for the best, but he still longs to go home.

Now this is just a quick version of the exercise.  This can be a LOT more in depth and I encourage you to try and make it so.  You can also use this exercise on a smaller scale and look at a specific situation.  What's the history of the situation?  Use one sentence to sum it up.  Then dissect the summary and look at the emotional reactions and reasoning.

So there you go, that should keep folks busy.  I hope you find the exercise useful and enjoyable.

Writers, Writing and Writing an Observation

I've been reading fanfic.  Big surprise there.  And as we all know some is really good and a lot is really NOT.

Well yesterday I had some time to kill and decided to get myself a new library card.  I haven't been in a public library in eight years, and I decided that I was high time to change that.  So, armed with my new card, I took out a Mercedes Lackey book.  I love her as a writer (not such a big fan of her collaborative works) and there is an amount of nostalgia as her Arrows of the Queen series is one of the books that really got me into reading and wanting to write.

The difference between Mecedes and so many fanficcers is night and day. Now, granted there are some AWESOME fanficcers out there that I would love to see publishing their own original works, but for the most part sooooo many writers come out with bland carbon cut out stories and characters.  One thing I've come to realize is that many people don't seem to grasp that their characters--while imaginary--ARE different people.  Yet when you read their stories, everyone sounds the same, their reactions are the same.  As a result the level of OOCness (in fanfic) is depressingly HIGH.

More than a few times I've wanted to reach through the screen, grab the writer and wring their necks!  Of course writing should be fun, that's a given, but is it REALLY fun when all your characters are a clone of YOU?  That's what my working theory is; the writer is writing how THEY would talk/behave, forgetting that the character is not them.

I'm not sure if this is the result of people being young and simply not having experienced diverse personalities, a case of egotism, or a fundamental flaw in understanding how creative writing works.  Maybe a bit of all three.  I DO think the idea of "characters are different people" falls under the category of "so basic, we don't need to talk about it" so it doesn't get mentioned and those new to the craft don't even twig on it.  And I can see why it wouldn't be mentioned, I mean it SHOULD be obvious.  Dick was a Robin.  Jason was a Robin.  But they are VERY different characters with very different personalities.  A quick read of a comic or two will show this.  I'm sure you can think up plenty of other examples in the fandom of your choice, but you see what I mean.

Yet time and again, I have to go back and read a paragraph AGAIN to see WHO is talking, because they both sound the same.

Lets get one thing straight, I'm NOT saying that people need to write in dialects, or that this is limited to speech.  Actually, I've run into very few people that can write in dialects and pull it off.  Much to the time it's an exercise in frustration to try and parse what is being said.  BUT!  There is such a thing as inflection in the written word.  I know, I know, we've all her the cautionary "It's txt, no one can hear your tone of voice or see your body language" which is VERY true.  And it needs to be said because sadly a depressingly large percentage of internet users SUCK at written communication.  But as writers, it's what we DO. The mark of a good writer is the ability to convey subtle nuances that are particular to a character/situation with the written work.  If that couldn't be done, I doubt anyone would bother reading anything other than point form news reports.

So all that said, maybe it's time I give some examples.  If you don't know the characters, that's work, hopefully you'll see what I mean regardless.  I've got four characters that are all going to be in the same situation and say something about it.

When Alfred walked into the kitchen to see a very young Master Richard kneeling on the counter prying open the cupboard with the cookie tins, the butler quickly suppressed the upward twitch of his lips.  It wouldn't do for the delinquent youth to know his actions amused the elder gentleman.  Raising a hand to his mouth, he cleared his throat loudly, watching the boy slip down from the counter with a very guilty look on his young face. "Cookies are for good boys who do their homework," Alfred says as he drops his hand, and levels a stern look at the youth.  He smiles ever so slightly as the preteen brightened and hurried back to his room and the waiting homework.

When Jason came into the kitchen to see a de-aged Dick Grayson trying to get into the cookie cupboard, he just had to snort at the sight.  The kid is freaking tiny.  Okay, maybe not as small as Tim, but he still needs to be kneeling on the counter to reach the top shelf.  The snort gets the kid's attention and Dick slips off the counter, looking super guilty.  Jason snickers and shakes his head.  He could really get used to this.  It's kind of odd to be in the position of Big Bother for a change.  Without a word he walks over to the cupboard and reach up for the top most tin.  Popping the top Jason picks out a large chocolate chip cookie and hands it to the pipsqueak.  "Not a fucking word, short stuff." As the kid scampers of with his prize, Jason takes one for himself before sealing the tin and replacing it in the cupboard.

When Steph walks into the kitchen and sees a 10 year old Dick on the counter, trying to reach the top shelf, she grins openly.  Crossing her arms she leans on the frame of the doorway.  "I really hope you're planning on sharing," she says, her violet eyes dancing with open amusement.  When the kid looked at her, there was guilt written  all over him.  That look quickly turned speculative then conspiratorial as he grins and pulls down a tin...which happens to be at the bottom of the stack and all five come crashing down in a thunderous clatter.  Ohhhh crap.

When Cassandra entered the kitchen she noticed the child precariously perched on the counter as he reached for the top most self of the open cupboard.  This could only end in disaster, she assessed, giving a small shake of her head.  Yet a little smile played on her lips.  Cass wasn't much for words, but then it was her firm belief that actions speak louder than words.  Walking over on silent feet she grabbed the boy about the waist and lifted him down to the floor.  The child made a cute little eeping sound, having been caught unawares.  As large eyes look up at her, she offered a smile and gently ruffled the boy's hair.  Then she turns back to the cupboard and reached up for a tin.  Taking it down she brought it to the boy's level, opening the lid.  The smile widened as the boy all but squealed, grabbing the top most cookie and biting into it greedily.

Okay, so these aren't beta'd and yes, I know my tenses such, but to do see what I mean?  It's little things.  Like Alfred's disapproval masking amusement, or how Jason thinks of Dick as "kid".  It's how Cass doesn't say anything, but her expression and actions are explained.  It's in Steph's choice of learning on the door frame and instigating further delinquency just by smiling.

Meh, I'm probably doing an awful job of explaining this, but after what I've been reading this morning, I just thought it needed to be said.  


Fic: Do-Over (Part 2)

Title: Do Over 2
Characters: Jason, Tim, Alfred, Jason Blood
Continuity: AU
Warnings: Foul Language
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4249
Summery: Just when he thinks he's getting a handle on things, Jason is thrown for another loop.
A/N:  Part One can be found HERE.  Thank you to the lovely dragonbat2004 for her Beta skillls :)

Gelato is divine, Jason's mind declares, as his body melts into the naugahyde-covered bench seat. His eyes are closed as he focuses on savouring the fabulous substance in his mouth. It's not giving him brain freeze, but he's totally forgotten about that particular plan for dealing with all the stupidity currently hurting his head. Instead, it's all about rolling up his eyes behind his closed eyelids and just existing in the moment—which is all about tasting cold, sweet heaven on his tongue.

Read more...Collapse )

End of part two.

Two Sides: Part 1

Title: Two Sides, Part 1
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ichigo, Shirosaki, Urahara, More
Warnings: Foul Language, Suggestive Behaviour
Rating: R
Words: 2243
Summery: It's all Miyuri's fault, but now Ichigo has to deal with his new reality.

A/N: I called Ichigo's hollow Shirosaki.  I've seen him called a lot of things (and in the series he has no name) but I went with Shiro because it's recognizable and less confusing then other options.  Thank you Dragonbat2004 for the lovely beta!

He remembers a very concerned, tattooed face leaning over him. Renji.

He remembers a second set of hands working feverishly on the straps binding him to the table while cursing quietly. Uryū.

He remembers looking over his left shoulder as he lay there, realizing that there were three men fighting. Before his eyes, Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi skewered Mayuri's Bankai Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō . He remembers thinking there really wasn't enough room in such a small space to contain the two.

Read more...Collapse )

End of Part One

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Ficlet: No Right

Title: No Right
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ichigo, others mentioned
Warnings: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Words: 530
Summery: Set after the Winter War, Ichigo is bereft of his powers and his sense of worth.

It's been weeks since it all ended. Since Aizen's defeat. Since Ichigo returned to the life of a normal teenage boy.  Even his ability to see ghosts was gone. And life was empty in the way he'd once dreamed. But now that it is, he hates it with a seething passion.

He knows. He can feel them. The powers that made him a shinigami are gone—in the sense they are out of reach. But they are still there, just buried deep and dormant. If he thinks about it and really tries, he can feel the sleeping energies. Zangetsu and his Hollow. One and the same, yet not.

What Zangetsu told him before teaching the Final Getsuga Tensho had been in error, though not through any attempt to mislead him. When the spirit of his sword melded with his Hollow, it informed him that they had always been one. And at the time, he'd thought he was seeing the finally whole version of his sword's spiritual self; that he'd somehow mentally split the spirit, rejecting the part that frightened him so.

Now he knows better. He's had a lot of time to think and to review the many events in his life. Now he understands. The Hollow, the remorseless creature he opened himself to under Urahara's training, IS part of Zangetsu, because it's part of Ichigo. That which binds sword to wielder is also what allows the Hollow to touch them both, to infect them. No, it’s not an infection; it's not a contagion. It's something he chose. Even if Urahara did trick him by not telling him what they would be doing until after the fact, Ichigo made the choice when he said he'd do whatever it took to get his powers back. He doesn't regret that choice, or any of the events that followed. He definitely doesn't regret helping his friends. Or the memory of how they stood with him.

He could ask for Urahara's assistance again. The former shinigami turned shop keeper and black marketeer probably has an idea on how to wake the spirits sleeping within him. The sleeping spirits that are himself. His soul. All he has to do is ask. Maybe he will.

Or maybe he'll let the spirits sleep a little longer. They have earned their rest, even if it means Ichigo feels like a useless shell of his former self. The city is safe enough. Chad, Uryuu, Orihime and even his own sister, Karin—who denied her own spiritual abilities for so many years—have it covered, leaving him to watch from the side lines.

It's tearing him apart, the desire to get it back, to be powerful enough to be useful once more. To protect. But could he? He knows the spirits are there, but could he reach them? After the sacrifice to defeat Aizin, is there enough left? Or are they shells of their former selves as much as Ichigo? Does he dare find out?

Ichigo isn't a coward, but he's not sure if he has the right to disturb their sleep. They gave him, Karakura and the Soul Society everything.

Let them rest.

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Drabble: Normalcy is...

Title: Normalcy is...
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Lots, Ichigo-centric
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Words: 178

Summery: Ichigo has lunch with his friends.

Sitting on the roof for lunch is just what they did.  It didn't matter what else was happening, what kind of reality threatening events are going on.  If Ichigo and his friends are at school, they would eat together in their claimed spot.

It's a comfortable routine, a little bit of normality in his otherwise weird-ass life.  Not that he's complaining.  Not after everything with the Fullbrings and getting his powers back.  He will never complain again about not being normal.  For him, normal is destroying hollows, performing konso to send souls to the Soul Society and protecting his town; his loved ones.  So is sitting on the roof listening to Mizuiro talk about his latest adventures with his older girlfriend and lady acquaintances as Keigo flails madly.

The faintest hint of a smile curves the teenager lips out of their perpetual frown as he watches the familiar display.  Yeah, the substitute shinigami decides as he leans back against the chain link fence behind him, he can definitely live with this version of normal.

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Ficlet: Understanding

Title: Understanding
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ichigo/Grimmjow
Warnings: Slashy implications
Rating: R
Words: 552
Summery: Ichigo thinks on his relationship with Grimmjow.

If they knew, they wouldn't understand.

Well, Chad might.  The large teen often understands Ichigo better then he does himself.  And he has no doubt that Chad would support him. But they rest...

No, maybe he's wrong. It's not that they wouldn't understand.  It's that they wouldn't approve.  Renji would probably yell at him.  Uryuu would lecture him.  Or maybe just make his glasses glint at him.  Urahara would have something to say, no doubt and probably be the one guess exactly what was going on.  Orihime would give him a worried look and keep asking if he was sure he was doing the right thing.
He knows he is.  He knows.

Rukia would lose her shit and try to beat some sense into him.  of that he has no doubt and it's all the more reason to make sure she doesn't find out.  He maybe a war hero with staggering abilities, but when faced with the petite shinigami none of that matters.  He smiles, thinking how she could reach him even in his darkest times.  So why was it that he'd turned to another?

"Hey!  Stop daydreaming, Strawberry," Grimmjow bellows at him as he fires another cero toward the teen.  The hollowfied youth bats it aside easily with Zangetsu and realizes that it only happened because his sparring partner had held onto it a few seconds extra before throwing it.

This is why it's not Rukia.  Rukia does know him and there is a bond between them, but at the end of the day, she can't be what he needs.

Grimmjow on the other hand...

The Espada launches himself at Ichigo, his hands curled to bring the claws of the resurrección form to bare.  He's going for the throat, snarling as he closes the distance.  His hollow self begins to laugh in that eerie voice.  It likes Grimmjow.  It likes him a lot.  It likes the fact that he can draw blood and the arrancar will do the same, that it's a struggle for dominance every time them meet.

Ichigo likes it too.  Grimmjow is honest with him.  Nothing is hidden.  He will call him on his stupidity, never biting his tongue, never second guessing what it is that Ichigo needs to hear; what he can handle.  Somehow he just always knows.  That is why he's in Huaco Mundo, sparring with his one time enemy.

There is a flurry of motion as the Espada tries to get around the Ichigo's blade.  Finally he bounces back and lets out three ceros in quick succession.  None of them are more then half strength, given how long they've been fighting, but they don't have to be.  They force Ichigo down in the air, disorient him enough that Grimmjow can get behind him, grabbing his sword arm and binding it to his chest.  At the same time, sharp teeth bite down on the junction of Ichigo's neck and shoulder.  He goes limp, letting the arrancar support him as they head down toward the sand dunes.

A bite to the neck is the agreed upon signal.  The first to accomplish that is the winner of the fight.  They put it in place because otherwise they'd be too banged up for different kinds of fun.  The kind of fun his friends really wouldn't understand at all.

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Ficlet: When Tomorrow Comes

Title: When Tomorrow Comes
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ichigo, Renji
Warnings: Foul Language
Rating: PG-15?
Words: 717
Summery:  Renji is drunk and it's Ichigo's job to get him home.

Seireitei. That place in the Soul Society where the Shinigami live. And work. And apparently stumble back to after getting drunk. Really drunk. What the hell had Renji been thinking? Letting Matsumoto talk him into a drinking contest. Everyone knows the busty woman can out drink any three men.

Since Ichigo had been visiting at the time of the impromptu celebration (and he still has no idea what was actually being celebrated), he'd found himself dragged along. And then made fun of when the server gave him fruit juice rather than sake.

The teen had huffed and been glad enough when his friends found other targets for their mirth. He almost felt bad for Shuuhei, except for his he really didn't. Not when it really is true that the guy is all work and no play.  And definitely not when he saw the way the Lieutenant’s eyes lit up at the arrival of his captain. Kensei then proceeded to glare everyone else into submission or something similar, before HE started teasing his subordinate about being a workaholic.

And so it went for much of the night. The teasing was never malicious, but Ichigo was happier when it wasn't focused on him. Toward the ends of things, the teen had been thinking that he should take off, but Rukia informed him that he'd have to take care of Renji. When Ichigo spluttered a protest the petite Shinigami had smacked him over the head a couple of times, shouting about the duty of friends. There had been nothing for it but to capitulate.

So that's why Ichigo is currently stumbling along as he helps the very drunk Renji toward the quarters of the 6th. It would be amusing how the redheaded Lieutenant is gesturing and mumbling, if the bastard wasn't so damned heavy! Ichigo groans as he makes his way toward the man's designated quarters and hopes to kami that the jerk hadn't left it a sty again. He really doesn't want to break an ankle trying to get the asshole to bed.

But as soon as he slides the door open, Ichigo facefaults. “Sty” is far too mild a term. Heaving a heartfelt sigh, the teen shuffles forward, keeping his sandal clad feet on the ground and pushing various crap before him as he makes his way toward the futon he can see in the corner. Thankfully it's not far. He just has to get there and then his duty to his friend is done.

Half way to his goal, the teen almost does trip as he stubs his toe on something best left unidentified. His eyes bug out as he bites down on his lip to keep from crying out in a very unmanly fashion. Taking a deep breath, he steadies himself, not easy with Renji still trying (and failing) to walk. Screw it! He runs the last few steps and dumps the redhead's ass on his futon in an unceremonious heap. He hoped the asshole gets a kink in his neck!

Ichigo pulls himself straight, stretching out his back when a strong hand wraps around his ankle and pulls. With a startled screech, the boy finds himself falling down onto the futon next to the inebriated Lieutenant. Before he can do anything, the teen feels surprisingly strong arms wrapped about his middle and pulling him in close. Renji is mumbling something about Captain Kuchiki and then starts slobbering on Ichigo's neck in what might have been intended as a kiss but wasn't even close.

“Hey let go, you asshole!” The teen howls, utterly mortified at his friend's behaviour; his arms are flailing as best they can, given that Renji has him in a vice grip.

He pulls back his leg, about to heel kick the jerk in his thigh and give him the charley horse of a lifetime, when a very loud snore sounds in his ear. Renji passed out? But his hold on Ichigo hasn't relented in the least! Which means the teen is still very much trapped, damnit all!

Sighing, Ichigo settles down. At least it's a comfortable enough position and his head is on the pillow. But oh man, Renji is soooo going to pay for this in the morning. The teen begins plotting his revenge even as his eyes drift closed.

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You get more bees with honey.....

Yes this is another random musing that also happens to be a bit of fanbrats rant.  It's also a rant about people feeling so damned entitled as well as veering into a discussion on the appropriateness of warnings.  Confused yet?  Keep reading.

I've been sifting through Fanfiction.net again.  There ARE some gems to be found among all the crap.  And I found one such gem called Monsters and Men by ShadowThorne.  Now one thing I dislike about the Pit is how limited their tagging system is.  There is no room for warnings.  So unless there is an Author's Note at the beginning of a fic/chapter, you've got nothing.  Well almost nothing.

Monsters and Men is a LONG fic with 20 chapters.  In Chapter 10 (which is where I am now) I decided to have a peek at the reviews.  And my heart dropped when I found one wailing about Grimmjow's death.  I checked what was being responded to and sure enough, it was the last chapter.  Now I have to be honest, one of the few things I really can't handle in a fic is major character death.  I know, I'm a wimp, but I just can't do it.  Torture them, break them, all that good stuff, but please don't kill them.  So I avoid reading such things.

But now I'm in a quandary.  Here is there really well written fic that I'm enjoying immensely, but it might result in something I know I can't handle.  So I decided to PM the author and simply ask.  Does Grimmjow die?  And if so does he come come?  See if he comes back, I can handle that (*grabs a squirming Jason and hugs him close*).  But if dead is dead then I have to stop reading and cut my losses.  And I told ShadowThorne that.  Not as a threat, but just politely explaining my feelings as I asked for information.

The response I got back made my day.

She told me what I needed to know (I won't repeat it in case anyone else wants to read the fic) and was very polite and understanding.  She explained what will happen and what is implied to happen.  She then thanked me for my polite inquiry and said she understood whatever my decision was.

I have to say, I'm absolutely thrilled that there are people out there like her.  She was kind and understanding, rather than mean and nasty.  She didn't take my question as a personal slight (and that's sooo refreshing these days) where many others would.  The entire exchange just illustrated the old saying, "You get more bees with honey than with vinegar".

The thing is, I KNOW there are people out there that would have flamed her for not warning in her Author Notes.  There are a lot of folks that seem to think it's their god given right to be warned for every little thing and heave help the person that doesn't read their mind to know what their triggers are!  Its just stupid.

Yes, I have triggers, yes there are things I avoid.  But why on earth would it be the AUTHOR'S responsibility alone?  Warnings CAN spoil upcoming events and there are lots of people that hate spoilers.  So if the only onus is on the author the person is in a no-win visitation.  But it's not.  Readers have to take responsibility for themselves.  We CAN ask questions.  We CAN look at reviews.  We CAN ask for recommendations.  We can do so many things to make our own lives easier and a fanfiction selections more enjoyable.  But still there are people that would rather ignore their own abilities and blame the author.  It's annoying.  And it's sad.

So yeah, there's a recap of today's events and a rambling little rant for you.  Off to go give my horse a bath :P


Just some random musings

I'm sitting here at my computer when Eeyore comes up and starts GWAHHING at me (yes, that's the sound she makes rather loudly).  She wants pats.  And as she's leaning into my fingers, I realize that here is a creature that I share no language with, that is a completely different species from me, and yet we have a reciprocal relationship.  I provide for her needs (food, shelter and affection) and she provides for mine (affection and sanity).

Yes she's a cat, not a person, but there is love and caring there.  I watch her when she's with me, when she's playing with Cosmo, when she's trying to disembowel a toy.  And I marvel at this bond.  And it's not just cats with humans.  Go have a look on youtube for inter-species videos.  The cat with the owl, the dog with the fawn, the tiger with the piglets... it happens, if given a chance.

Unfortunately, humans don't see to be inclined to give their fellow humans that kind of opportunity.  and so we fight, and bicker and hurt each other over the stupidest things.

Meh.  I'm going to stick with my kitties.


It's not Bleach.  And it's not Batman.

It's something I stumbled on when browsing a manga site.  I started reading and began killing myself laughing.  So now I shall offer a link to share for all that might be interested.

It IS Yaoi!
It IS explicit!
It IS serious amounts of crack...hehehehe.  The character of Josh steals so many scenes *snickers*

Thus do I present.....

Ikenai Otoko

I Seriously Hate Fanbrats

Especially the opinionated snobbish kind.

Now everyone has their own likes and tastes.  This is as it should be.  But do NOT tell others not to bother with a series just because YOU don't like it!

I've been trying to get a friend of mine into anime, finding things I think she would like (right now that's all things Loki) and will occasionally talk to her about Bleach, which I know isn't her thing, but it's a fan thing and she does the same about Avengers, so we're all good.

Well it turns out that when she was at Sakura Con down in Washington, she was talking to some other people about anime series and a number of them to her "not to bother" with Bleach.  That it was "unbelievably stupid" and "not worth the time".

Holy fucking hell people?!  How self absorbed are you?!

You don't like Bleach (or whatever series) okay, fine.  But don't go turning others off.  Giving your opinion is one thing, but stating it as fact is something else entirely.

There are series I don't like.  One Piece is such a series.  It's been recomended to me several times so I thought I'd have a look.  And I just couldn't get into it.  The best explanation I have is "it's too goofy for me" which is silly given how much crack Bleach is, but there you have it.  I just can't do it.  HOWEVER, I would never dream of telling someone else to avoid it.  I'm no one by ME.  I'm not in anyone else's head.  I have no idea if they would like that level of goofiness or not.  So I'll tell people why I do or don't read something, but then encourage them to have a look for themselves and make up their own minds.

Seriously, the level of fan hate is disgusting.

Kissing Tropes

This is one of those things that comes up again and again in fics.  The kiss that somehow prevents breathing.

It's annoying.  And it often throws me out of a fic as I start wondering loudly if the characters have stuffed up noses or something.  The thing is that this CAN and DOES happen, but most writers fail to convey WHY it happens.

Now this is where the old saying "write what you know" comes in handy.  If you've never kissed someone, or never experienced the whole "breathless" thing, then trying to write about it is going to be a problem.  And second hand explanations are no substitution for experience.

That said, here comes my explanation.

Breathing is an automatic function of the body.  If you don't breath, you die.  Pretty simple right?  So what would cause someone to stop breathing while being kissed?  Their being utterly over powered by the experience.  This can happen when someone is afraid for their safety.  Or it can happen when it's so pleasurable that it's short circuiting their brain.  But even then it's a short lived thing.  None of this "lungs burning with the need to breathe" stuff.

So please, for the love of all the gods and little fishes, please lets do away with the breathing stupidity!  There are better ways to illiterate that someone is really enjoying a kiss.


Icon Help

Hey guys, I found a picture of Urahara and Ichigo (YAOI) that just BEGGED to be turned into an animated icon.  However it really needs a caption panel and I'm drawing a black.  Any suggestions?It's mostly work safe....sort of.....Collapse )

A Fanfic Question...Readers please chime in

I have a question and I'm looking for opinions.  There is no right or wrong answer here.  Rather, I'm tryign to get a feel for what readers think as I want to avoid using things that throw them out of teh story.

You see, I have a quandry.  My new love, Bleach, has many characters with non-standard hair colours.  Now, reading bleach fanfics, I've noticed that writers are using some interesting terms like bluenet (or bluenette if it's a female Grimmjow) and orange head (I've seen that a lot of Ichigo).  Now to my mind these work fine, but that could just be from my level of exposure, which is pretty high these days.

So what I want to know is how do other people feel about such descriptors?  Does it work for you?  Or does it throw you out of the story?

Con Report -- Home Again

I survived!  Cons are great fun but oh man they take a lot out of you.  Even more so when it's hard to breath!  Stupidbreastsneedingtobebound......GRRRRRR.

Anyhow. So I spent too much money and bought myself *5* Bleach Stuffies.  I just couldn't resist the cute!

And I cosplayed as Ichigo from Bleach.  I did two versions, Shikai (sorry about the shitty lighting)

And Execution Grounds

I was absolutely tickled with how many people stopped me and asked to take my picture.  I was even more surprised that not only was I the only Ichigo, I was one of only four Bleach characters.

Is you want to see the rest of the pics you can find them on my Photobucket account.

So now I'm back home, and Kitties are doing well.  Coz is still sneezing but is FAR more energetic and Eeyore seems to have put a LITTLE bit of weight back on.  I got reports from my dad earlier today that said Eeyore was playing with the string, which is just so awesome!

And now it's back to mundanity.  I took this week off work to give myself recovery time and I will be seeing about posting some fics up.


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